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How to do well on maintenance of sweeper truck after rain

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-08-08

Dongfeng sweeper truck for sale

Dong feng Road Sweep truck:

After heavy rain,there could more or less be some problems at paint,chassis,circuit,brake fluid, headlights and other parts of vehicle.And now driver friends should pay attention to your loved vehicle.

1.It is beneficial to make the chassis plastic sealed

After heavy rain,the automobile chassis should be cleaned timely.If there is accumulation of sludge in chassis part,which can easily cause the moisture hidden and lead to chassis rusting.

Solution:plastic sealed makes the chassis and air separated to reach the  function of corrosion prevention,dusting prevention and sound proofing. Plastic sealed for chassis generally is done by professional auto maintenance staff and the whole process takes 30 to 40 minutes. After the chassis is sealed by plastic, the effect can be maintained for three months or longer.Be aware of that before the plastic sealed for chassis,the bitumen and oil should be removed by using a special detergent  and the cooling parts of exhust system and transmission sytstem should be sheltered,which could play a good protective effect.

2.Dehumidifying inside of vehicle is essential

In rainy day and the humid air,driver friends should pay attention to prevent the interior from bacteria, especially car seats, textile carpets, vents and other health dead space.

Solution:It is recommended to use neutral and subdued taste perfume for driver friends who like to use car perfume in summer.Do not use lemon taste and other acidic perfume.In rainy weather,you can open the air conditioning for cold air,which not only can remove the fog,in addition to,it can help to remove the moisture.Placing a roll of old newspapers in the car can also effectively remove moisture.
3.By self-check to see whether brake fluid is damped
During rainy season,the moisture weather would make the brake fluid cup to cause a lot of water,which would fluid into brake fluid.If there is moisture fluiding into brake fluid,there would generate a large amount of water vapor that is transpirated during braking process.The compressible gas can cause brake failure or even failure.

Solution:There are three methods for vehicle owners to confirme whether there is any problem in brake system:while braking,you have to step on brake very deeply or you can hear a noise or the braking distance is longer than before.If you meet any situation above,the vehicle should be checked in the repair shop.

4.The circuits must be checked after rain

Some vehicles are not easy to start the engine when it is rainy.Even if we manage to start,you might always feel the engine "feeble".This is because the car's ignition system or circuit is damp.

Solution:After vehicle is watered,you need check timely.Once you find the ignition system is too damp to cause a misfire and engine performance degradation,you need to use non-fibrous tissue or textiles to dry electrical equipments before trying to start again.If the engine is flamed out due to damp,do not repeatedly start the ignition in case of damaging the engine.

5.Paint should be protected after rain

The acid subtances in the rain will damage the paint.if not cleaning the vehicle timely, the paint is easy to lose luster.

Solution:Once it is sunny,vehicle body should be washed,waxed or sealed of glaze,which can effectively protect the pait of vehicle and prevent paint from fade and aging.

6.The headlights with fog may be a hidden danger.

In rainy weather,the headlights are easy to be watered and the brightness is affected.The irradiation direction of the headlamp is changed,which could damage the headlights and bring a security rish. 

Solution:If there is mist in the headlamps,you can open the headlights to see whether the mist begins to disappear after opened for 10 minute sand the mist is completely disappeared after an hour.If there is still mist,it is necessary to go to professional service station for handling.