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How to deal with the phenomenon of ablation Tipper spark plug

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-19
When the dump truck driver found a scar on the top of the spark plug or damaged electrode melting occurs, ablation phenomenon, have shown a spark plug has been destroyed dump truck.
Sinotruk dump truck picture
Dump truck manufacturer
Symptoms 1: melt electrode and an insulator with a white diagnosis: this kind of phenomenon shows that the combustion chamber temperature is too high. This may be the combustion chamber carbon deposit too much, resulting in the valve clearance is too small, further cause the exhaust overheating or cooling device is usually caused by poor work. In the dump truck spark plug screw torque not according to stipulations can cause electrode melt, insulator white phenomenon.
Symptom 2: electrode and an insulator junction has it become scar diagnosis: this suggests that dump truck engine, is likely to be premature ignition timing or gasoline octane number is too low, the spark plug of the high calorific value. 
Dump truck manufacturer
Diagnosis: symptoms 3: the top of the insulator rupture in general, detonation combustion is a major cause of insulator rupture. The ignition time early, the gasoline octane number is low, the combustion chamber temperature is too high, can lead to dump truck engine detonation combustion.
Symptoms 4: the top of the insulator with colored stripes diagnosis: the emergence of the stripe that dump truck has a flat, spark plug driver need unconditional replacement parts.