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How to control the flow water of the water truck supplied by Hubei Changjie

For most primary clients, they think the flow water is more bigger more better. However, it’s not true.  Why we think so?   The water is more bigger, then the distance of the road we spray will be shorter,  the frequencies for the watering the water tank will rised, so the oil wear will be rised too, our economic benefits will be affected finally
For the flow water, it’s hard to have a standard. It should be up to the actual situation and weather. If the road is very dry, then increase the flow water;  Sunny day after raining, part of the road is still wet, just reduce the flow water. If there is so much muddy or sands, just need to wait the cleaner to remove them, after that to start the work.
For the lower road, it will keep the water when use the big flow water, the water will inflow into the down drain, it will bring double waste for both the water source and economic.  If the road has much soil, it will result muddy road, may block the down drain.
Above all,  when you choose the water truck, please let us to help you to buy the right one according to your request with our professional service.