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How to choose the correct fecal suction truck

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-12-29

The company's fecal suction truck equipped with the first national quality rating of the high-power vacuum pump. Equipped with anti-overflow device to prevent feces and sewage into the vacuum pump, damage the system. With a pendulum-type electronic alarm, full load when the alarm. These user-friendly design to solve your worries, so you can buy the models you want!

Buy fecal suction truck only to buy their own is not the bigger the better, the more expensive the better. To the annual rainy season, the arrival of the rainy season a lot of streets and residential sewers and septic tanks due to rain caused by fecal overflow, this time vacuum fecal suction truck more frequently than usual absences.

Small Furyka (Sundance Kid) fecal suction truck and Dolisca fecal suction truck use more, because the rainy season road area and more water. The length of the sewage pump is short, the turning radius is small and the scope of application is wide. In addition there is a narrow alley difficult to direct access to the operation, to be taken manually and fecal suction truck suction combined with man-machine operation.

More for street water and sewage clean-up, fecal suction truck in the rainy season in addition to fecal clean-up outside. This type of vacuum suction truck volume than the commonly used volume, Dongfeng 145 and 153 fecal suction truck volume is generally in the 8-10 cubic meters, pumping efficiency is high, but the job site space requirements.

Hubei Chang Jie Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. recommended that customers must be selected when the purchase according to need. If there are unclear places, first consult our professional sales staff. I will be happy to serve you.