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How to choose configuration details of truck crane

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-09-23

When buying a crane truck owners have a lot of major concern for automotive chassis and crane, ignoring the details of the configuration of choice, in fact, the details of the configuration of the crane vehicle directly influence the choice of the entire vehicle performance will want to buy into a suitable lorry crane, must pay more attention to the
details of the configuration, today we have to explain the details of configuration tips lorry crane selection.

A single-pump or dual-pump
Single and double-pump pump pump is mainly used for domestic vehicle crane, with respect to the double-pump, the structure of single-pump is relatively simple, is composed of a
pump, and is mainly used in some of the tonnage of comparison small crane above, especially 8 tons crane, single-pump basically use only single-pump and high-quality chassis work together to play a very good job results.
Double pump is made; composed of two cylinders, the equivalent of two single pumps. Therefore, double-pump oil supply will be relatively large, and relatively high stability,
the role of time and efficiency but also with respect to the single-pump lorry crane is relatively high, but applies only to double-pump 8 ton lorry crane.

Second, the hydraulic circuit
Truck crane cause different circuit design of the entire car is not the same, some of the relatively small tonnage of the crane, because the structure is relatively simple, single-loop design may be, there is only one hydraulic circuit, which usually only crane do an action, although the theory in terms of the above can be linked to multiple institutions through precise manipulation of the throttle, but will result in the loss of energy resulting in lower auto automobile efficiency. General tonnage of larger car uses a dual loop or multi-loop, which can greatly improve the efficiency of lorry crane, but double-loop or multi-loop lorry crane costs will be relatively high with respect to a number.

We need according to their own needs to choose a different lorry crane, which can not only save costs, but also increase the operating efficiency of the car.