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How to choose Suction sewage truck oil

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-23

Suction sewage truck picture

Want a car with normal maintenance is inevitable, saying a car is simple, keep a car difficult. During the maintenance of environmentally friendly sewage suction truck one of the most important is the content of heavy oil change, small drive to 4s shop maintenance Maintenance feeling largest project is to get the car up, oil change. In fact, the correct use of the normal operation of the engine oil, to extend the service life of the car is very important. Xiao Bian listen maintenance technician little brother said oil grade on the market there are more than 2,000 kinds, so many brands how can we choose? Technician brother very generous with me to share a bit of knowledge in this area:

Suction sewage truck oil change when we first choice is the initial installation of oil, oil loading they are the beginning of what? New car off the assembly line is the former home of the oil, which is a first suction sewage truck barrels of oil. Automobile manufacturers in the choice of this first barrels of oil when it is very strict, the oil must be provided by the corresponding models of the most stringent test and driving test engine to raise prices later to become First car loaded oil suppliers. From every point of view, whether it is to protect the engine, or prolong engine life, the early oil loading have good performance, early oil loading is your best choice.

Suction sewage truck picture

The early oil loading is small suction sewage truck with the original, and their quality level, viscosity, oil, etc. are not the same, we have to replace, remember that the core indicators lubricants can not be arbitrarily changed a. First install oil quality is based on the prices to come, maybe the prices high is semi-synthetic oil, low price point is mineral oil.
In the election when the oil can also choose big brands, big brand quality is reliable, they have been to a long-term test of the market, the quality of natural products can be protected. Mobil friends like Mahler you, it is the world's leading Expo supporting parts manufacturers, many automobile manufacturers are using their products, but they also like the global aftermarket retail accessories. The manufacturers of the products with the original amount almost out even worse.

For selection of oil, can not be generalized, we sometimes can flexibly change a little. This change to your own preferences