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How to check and maintain dump truck cooling system

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-23
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  In summer, the most common fault dump truck cooling system is the "boil water tank" making the car broke down, the occurrence of water deficit. With the tipper tank boil water deficit and speed up the weak as well as other failures. Boil water tank maintenance vehicle, first make sure dumper other related components properly, such as using the correct grade of fuel, oil, spark plugs, antifreeze and adjust ignition timing and idle air-fuel ratio. Checking the cooling system further in these areas is normal. 
  Look at the water tank. Normal water tank when the dump truck up and down should be consistent with the temperature, if the situation appears half cold half hot, it can determine the tank internal blockage. The water tank can be connected to the 2 kg of water pressure, reverse wash, if serious blockage can use a small amount of detergent, taking care to wash the dirt dumper tank and observe for leaks. 
  Secondly, look at the thermostat. Some people think that the removal of the thermostat can prevent the water temperature is high, in fact, as long as the thermostat does not function properly and cause the water temperature is too high, while the dump truck engine running for a long time at low temperatures is very harmful; many additional engine section Thermostat is a two-way effect, when the thermostat is turned off, forced to go small cycles of cooling water, and when the thermostat is open, closed small cycles of cooling water all take the big loop. If you do not install the thermostat, since the local resistance line throttling effect, the actual flow of a cycle is very little water, but the water temperature rises. 
  Finally, check the pump. Damage to the pump in three ways: leakage, turn and throw impeller corrosion. The so-called revolution is lost and the impeller pump shaft with the gap is too large, when the dump truck when the engine reaches a certain speed, the pump impeller can reach the appropriate speed, resulting in poor water circulation. It is the main component cooling fan, and some have been out of the dump truck fixed fan, and fan and replaced with silicone oil electromagnetic clutch. It is characterized by cold car fan basically does not work, and the maximum amount of cooling hot car; the main fault is leakage of silicone oil fan clutch, and the main fault of the electromagnetic clutch fan is temperature switch is damaged, circuit damage, damage to the solenoid . In addition to the heat dump truck engine cooling water as a medium, but also part of the heat can dissipate with the exhaust, oil can also take away some of the heat, and the dump truck around the engine more air convection plays an irreplaceable role, so check Tipper Do not forget to check the exhaust system (especially with catalytic converter models) is smooth, oil, transmission oil cooling device is intact when the engine is overheating. Also nearby dump truck engine fan wind guide cover (commonly known as the wind ring) thermal convection inside the cabin plays a vital role, should pay attention to check.