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How to buy fuel tank trucks to be considered cost-effective

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-09-29

Now people in the purchase of fuel trucks when they want to choose cost-effective fuel trucks, so not only to meet their own needs, but also can save the purchase cost of the product, but because of lack of purchasing experience, and now few owners will be correct Select cost-effective fuel trucks, we will teach you how to choose cost-effective fuel trucks.

1, distinguish between the use of the purchase of fuel trucks
In the purchase of fuel trucks, the owner first need to consider the daily refueling, some individual users to buy fuel trucks only to a single engineering vehicle refueling, there are some users to buy fuel trucks to operate a small gas station, the general daily refueling needs The amount of not more than 10 tons, you can use light vehicles, such vehicles are not only the tank can easily be the largest 6000 liters, while the price is relatively cheap, the cost will be relatively low. If the daily amount of oil is 6000-10000 liters of oil, you can choose some small and medium-sized cars, such cars can provide a large amount of oil. If it is for long-distance oil or refueling of the car is best to choose the tank is easy to reach 12000-25000 liters of fuel trucks. 

2, in accordance with the main purpose of the design of fuel trucks function.
Chassis prices, refitting prices Optional price is the main component of the price of fuel trucks, fuel truck chassis, the engine is different from the tank's volume is not the same, there are different accessories for the price of fuel trucks will have a certain impact, therefore Owners in the choice of refueling car when we must fully understand the parameters of fuel trucks, so as to be able to choose according to their own requirements to the relatively high cost of fuel trucks.

3, in accordance with the main purpose of the fuel truck design fuel truck function.
At present, the main function of the refueling car has an independent sub-station, which is a fuel truck which can be sub-installed different oil, chemicals, etc., but also installed computer computer tax control tanker, can monitor the fuel tanker tank Can be made of different materials, the main materials are carbon steel, stainless steel, lined with rotomolding, glass steel, etc., according to the needs of customers is designed to oval tank, square, round, different materials and shapes of the tank The body price is a certain difference, the configuration of fuel trucks are based on the specific requirements of customers to design.