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How to buy a road wrecker?

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-02-08

How to choose the road wrecker must be based on the actual use of the environment to choose, wrecker attention to the garage wrecker and transport sector, traffic wrecker suitable for work needs to meet the needs of the product is a reasonable choice. Buy road wrecker should note the following:

1, according to the requirements of wrecker operations to determine the type of road wrecker.
Different wrecker operating environment, the wrecker configuration requirements are not the same. The same is the highway, and some sections, medium-sized truck and long-distance bus traffic flow, and some are more heavy-duty truck. In this regard, wrecker configuration should be different, the former should be more in the configuration of heavy-duty wrecker and with a bus to remove the device, which should be configured with heavy-duty wrecker. The same is the urban traffic police department, in some places need to clear the illegal motorcycle more, and some need to clear the illegal car more. In this regard, the former should be equipped with a motorized lifting platform wrecker, the latter should be equipped with fixture wrecker.

2, the technical parameters of the standard
According to the new standard of the wrecker, the maximum lifting quality and the maximum pulling quality are important technical parameters for measuring the operational capacity of the wrecker. The maximum weight of the wrecker shall not exceed the maximum design mass of its chassis. The maximum lift weight is the rated lift weight of the wrecker when the effective length of the bracket is the minimum value. The axle load of the front axle is not less than 15% of the maximum total mass. Axle load shall not exceed 20% of its allowable load; no-load axle load shall not exceed its allowable load. "Wrecker lifts the quality and the quality of the care of the pull ratio of not less than 20%. According to these provisions, manufacturers can identify the technical parameters marked by the wrecker is true and whether the wrecker meet the standards.

3, the standard configuration and optional configuration list
Standard configuration refers to the Dongfeng-wrecker in a certain range of normal clearance operations required to complete the required configuration; optional configuration, is the user can choose to replace some parts of the original standard parts, or to buy some spare parts Expand the scope of the operation of the wrecker. Such as hydraulic systems are imported and domestic parts for the matching; optional auxiliary wheel or some other operating accessories to enhance operational functions.