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How quickly move out fire truck engine overheating temperature fault

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-09-09

1. First check whether the blinds window on fire truck engine is open , there is no leakage of the coolant, the coolant is sufficient, if the fan belt because Songkuang, improper adjustment slippage.
2. If these tests were normal, check the water pump to pump water capacity. Start the engine, gradually increase speed to high-speed operation, this time holding the hand pump inlet, if we feel there is water, "Pulse", the pump was working properly, otherwise the pump is faulty.
3. If the examination were normal, but the engine is still hot, it should further examine the influence of other systems, such as whether the ignition timing, the mixture is too thin or too thick, coke combustion chamber is too much, whether the valve timing normal and so on. In addition, when the fire uphill, luff or in the hot season for a long time with low speed and high load etc. also cause the engine to overheat.
4. Fire truck at cold temperature rises quickly and the early launch of boiling, mostly thermostat failure. If traveling coolant boiling, should be immediately stopped, the engine coolant temperature at low speed to normal, then turn off the check, do not rush to cool coolant Kallang, in case of the engine due to temperature changes too big cracks.
5. Send the tip temperature is low, the rear end is high, compared with the distribution tube damage or blockage.