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How many knowledge do you know about the maintenance of garbage truck?

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-02-17

A lot of garbage truck owners are based on sanitation garbage truck mileage mileage maintenance, and today sanitation garbage truck manufacturers may have to subvert the traditional knowledge of everyone. In fact, before the season to do a maintenance is not only the performance of garbage trucks to improve, more importantly, to ensure safe travel users. In this hot and cold season, for some garbage truck owners, even if the provisions of the maintenance mileage does not meet the need for maintenance of the road car, especially in northern China, the winter low temperature garbage truck friends to pay special attention to the following point:

Check the garbage truck interior and clean it
    Summer high temperature, garbage truck owners will often drive down the window, because the air quality is getting worse, dust everywhere. So we will have a lot of dust in the car. And then the breeding of bacteria, so into the fall of the garbage truck for a clean-up is also very necessary.

Check the garbage truck tire and tire pressure
    In the high temperature summer there are a lot of garbage owners in order to prevent the tire will tire tire pressure down some, in fact, this is itself a misunderstanding. This car owners have to carefully check the tire tire pressure, neither too high nor too low, the general tire pressure can be 2.2-2.5. If there is spare tire pressure is best higher, because the spare tire is often placed in the state, in order to prevent the use of tire pressure is insufficient, so the tire pressure should be appropriate to rise, usually about 2.5-2.8.

Check the surface of the garbage truck body
    As the summer rainfall more, if the garbage truck body has a deep scratches or cut rub is not dealt with in time, to the autumn is very easy to rust. Owners have to do is to cut the rub part of the paint processing. The role of paint is not only beautiful, it is more important to have anti-rust function. Summer rain contains rain acid, coupled with strong summer sun exposure will cause corrosion and oxidation of the paint. Owners can choose according to the actual situation of garbage truck cleaning, painting processing.

Check the garbage truck chassis
    On the one hand, the metal material of the garbage truck chassis after the rainy season or high temperature after the sun drying, prone to rust phenomenon, hinder driving safety. Therefore, the chassis must be treated on the rust, on the other hand in the process of rust can check the chassis there is scratches, screws off and so on.