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How many kinds of motorhome/RV air-conditioning?

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-10-07

Motorhome/RV used in the air-conditioning can be divided into two kinds, one is the parking air-conditioning, the other is the traffic air-conditioning. Air conditioning is the car in the car when the engine starts, the original car with air conditioning, which is when the vehicle in the driving process need to use the air conditioning. When the car is in the parking situation, please remember not to use a long time driving air conditioning, to avoid excessive carbon monoxide concentration inside the car caused by poisoning. In addition, when the RV in the case of idling, driving air conditioning can only effect is not very good. Under normal circumstances five-meter caravan configured by the traffic air-conditioning is four thousand to five thousand kcal, if the length of five meters to six meters between the car, the car is connected to the cab of the situation, the original depot generally Is equipped with a rear air conditioning evaporator. The cooling effect can reach between eight thousand to ten thousand kcal, the side may be able to protect the vehicle air conditioning and cooling effect.

Parking air-conditioning is to supply motorhome/RV in the car when used to the car air conditioning, air conditioning is generally installed in the car roof, air conditioning outside the machine is outside the car, the machine is in the roof, parking custom air conditioning is to RV increased the height of twenty-three to thirty centimeters. But some manufacturers will be parking air-conditioning unit in the seat below, so that do not need to change the appearance of the vehicle, but also more suitable for those who need to modify the RV's friends. The motorhome/RV parking air conditioning is divided into a single cooling air conditioning transfer machine is air conditioning, generally in the car is higher than five meters of vehicles are used in the air conditioning.

Some of my friends would like to know the frequency of air can not be used in motorhome/RV, the promise is not. Because the home to the air conditioning design are fixed, because the car in the process of driving has been moving and bumps, and home inverter air conditioner designed earthquake level simply can not reach the driving requirements, if the mandatory The use of a period of time, the air conditioning parts will be early in the course of the deformation and loosening of the clean-up.