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How long is it appropriate to replace the brake pads?

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-01-21

All brakes are good or bad brake pads play a decisive role, so that a good brakes are the protector of people and cars.We should always check the brake pads to see if they need to be replaced. (Aerial bucket truck for high attitude work)

Aerial work brake pads and brake disc replacement time period is not fixed, depending on the vehicle traffic conditions, the driver step on the brake pedal frequency and intensity of the general replacement of conventional brake pads mileage is 25,000-3,000 km per vehicle .
1, novice brakes generally step on more consumption will be larger.
2, automatic transmission than manual filing brake pads, because the automatic transmission is to rely on the gas pedal and brake pedal.

General alarm will appear a red word "check brakes." Then there is a icon, is a circle, surrounded by a few brackets around the dotted line. General out of that close to the limit, and need to be replaced immediately.
Some older vehicles do not connect the brake brakes to the computer, but the brakes installed on a small iron alarm. When the friction material was grinding faster, the brake disc is not to brake pads, but The alarm will be a small piece of iron.At this time the vehicle will issue harsh metal friction between the "chirp" sound, that is the replacement of the brake pads of the signal. (hydraulic lifting bucket truck with reliable performance)
Check the aerial work brake pads and brake discs are thin, you can use a small flashlight for observation and inspection, when the inspection found that the friction of the brake friction material is not fast, the thickness of 5 mm below, it should be considered for replacement.