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How long can a 5 tons of water truck keep sprinklering water?

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-11-03

In spring and summer, full of street pollen, catkins, haze became a lot of allergic skin can not tell the pain. The improvement of urban living environment has become increasingly urgent, municipal sanitation sector will be out at this time will generally water truck out of the air quality, water dust, increase air humidity.

There are many drivers friends will have a question: 5 tons of sprinkler a pot of water can sprinkle the number of road? A pot of water to sprinkle how long? If the concept of fuzzy can not, we have to understand the actual situation according to their sprinkler work ability.

For example, a 5-ton water truck filled with water, to see how long it can sprinkler water.

Assuming the car is using a flow of 60m3 / h sprinkler pump, water truck at work, the valve and throttle can not be fully open, so under normal circumstances, 5 tons of sprinkler water can sprinkle 20-30 minutes, the municipal sanitation Sprinkler travel speed is about 15-20km / h, a little faster can reach 40km / h, accounting down, a pot of water is only enough sprinkle about 7 minutes, and then combined with the actual width of the road and adjust the width of the sprinkler to determine Actual sprinkler capacity.

Should only open 5 tons water truck and side spray, relatively speaking, the flow will reduce a lot, then the spray distance will be longer, the user can according to their own conditions to the actual test, familiar with the road conditions, you can better Grasp the water time and place, do not cause waste of water and empty running situation.