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How is the road guardrail cleaning truck tempered

Road guardrail cleaning the car four major parts:
Rircuited by oil, water, gas path
1, oil and water is the deputy engines, to complete its various links work;
2, air and gas path is to use the car to complete pair of engine cylinder and;
3, electric department part of it is oil, water, gas path to complete each work link operation.
Second, guardrail cleaning truck has the following several parts
1, deputy engine used jiangling 55 kw;
2, hydraulic double pump, multi-channel valve station, the hydraulic oil tank, the hydraulic oil cooler;
3, and the size of the hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic pipeline;
4, the cleaning brush with nylon 4 (imported nylon);
5, stainless steel water tank (2.2 cubic) a black cat a plunger pump and various kinds of water nozzle;
6, transfer case a (main car reduction effect);
7, deputy engine with a small cylinder (it is used as a pair of engine clutch);
8, distribution box, box operation (it is used to control various operation function);
9, the car wash 3 km per hour, a tank full of water to wash the 6 kilometers.
1, the technical parameters of hydraulic guardrail cleaning cars, function and configuration instructions guardrail cleaning the car with power as the power, drive hydraulic pump, the hydraulic pump output flow and pressure distributing valve, the oil cylinder, hydraulic motor and shear type hydraulic lifting platform, respectively control the rotation of the cleaning arm and lift, roller cleaning, high pressure water jet and scissors lifting movement of hydraulic lifting platform, finish on both sides of the road or municipal road guard rail, road signs, greenhouses cleaning fee, scissor hydraulic lift platform can realize the function of the small overhead working truck.
(1) it can be finished at the same time cleaning, washing and aerial work. (optional)
(2) the cleaning arm can rotate around, can adjust the height of cleaning, upper and lower so easy cleaning road on both sides of the fence and road signs and wide column cleaning, cleaning of large range.
(3) the water wheel tank for storage water tank, can guarantee the long range of cleaning, water pressure and flow rate can be adjusted.
(4) is not equipped with vice engines, effectively save the cost, reduce the failure rate.
(5) the bristles with several more very soft edges of high strength poly acrylic materials, to ensure clean clean, is not easy to damage the bristles.