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How does aerial work platform truck operate in running-in period?

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-01-20

When we buy a new car will experience run-in period, so for our future use is very important. Then we buy the Changjie aerial work platform truck when it is not to run-in period, the answer is to, we have access to the high-altitude platform car, to run-in period. In fact, high-altitude operation of the car when there will be problems, then we run-in period of time on the high-altitude vehicles to how they want to run it? Xia Coding for today, we simply introduce the following:

1, novice operation:
As the novice for the height of the car do not quite understand, or do not understand the mode of operation, easy to operate failure caused by failure, or even cause mechanical accidents; for this operator must be patient learning, training qualified before induction.
2, the occurrence of loosening:
In the initial stage, due to the impact of vibration, alternating load, as well as heat, deformation and other factors, coupled with excessive wear and tear and so on.Therefore, Reasons, easy to make the original high-altitude operating vehicle parts tightening loose.
3, fast wear and tear:
As the aerial work platform truck components processing and installation factors, the friction surface roughness, the contact area is small, uneven load-bearing circumstances, will have a greater wear and tear. During the running of the aerial working vehicle, the concave and convex parts of the part surface are frictionally engaged with each other, the ground metal debris is grinding as the abrasive, and continues to participate in the friction, accelerating the wear of the parts matching surface. Therefore, the run-in period likely to cause wear and tear parts, wear speed. At this time, if the aerial work overload, it may lead to damage to parts, resulting in some failure.
4, the leakage phenomenon:
Due to the lofty platform components of the loosening, vibration and heat affected by the machine, the machine sealing surface and pipe joints, etc., there will be leakage; part of the casting, processing and other defects in the assembly debugging difficult to find, but due to operations Process of vibration, impact, this defect is exposed, manifested as leakage (infiltration) oil (water).
5, improper use of lubricants:
High-altitude work platform truck lubrication and maintenance work will not lead to parts with the gap is smaller, the oil is not easy to form a uniform oil film on the friction surface, and due to assembly and other reasons, it is difficult to ensure uniformity with the gap, thus reducing lubrication efficiency, Resulting in abnormal wear and tear of the early parts; will cause serious friction with the surface of the scratch or occlusal phenomenon, leading to failure.