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Hot models: Isuzu wrecker detailed technical parameters

Chassis configuration:(ISUZU wrecker tow truck)
4 × 2 drive, Isuzu 120 hp engine, wheelbase (mm) 3815, dimensions (length / width / height) 7490 × 2300 × 2500, total mass (Kg) 7300, curb weight (kg) 4170. Lifting lift quality: 2800kg; optional swing arm plate. 5-speed gearbox MSB-5SM, 2.2 tons front axle / 4.8 tons rear axle, 7.50-16 inclined rubber tire, direction assistance, with air conditioning, oil brake.

Model configuration:
The vehicle consists of loading platform assembly, 3P2A folding stamping flat plate, subframe assembly, trailer arm assembly, both sides of the operating mechanism assembly, hydraulic system, electrical system components; with 40KN hoist, 25m steel wire rope, High-frequency hydraulic cylinder, oil filter, towing fork, towing side tube, car auxiliary wheel, a long row of 1.2 m 24 V LED yellow explosion flashing lights, combination lighting (rear lighting, rear lights, side lights Profile lights), special straps, spare tire racks, toolbox, hand-washing devices. Multi-way valve and balance valve optional Italian imports, hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic connectors for the German Rexroth technology, all imported seals.

Specific performance:
Platform size (mm): the length of 5580, the width of 2220, the platform working stroke: 2700mm, the platform maximum load weight: 4000kg, the minimum platform tilt (mm): the length of the platform, The maximum traction weight: 7490kg, winch winch speed: 8m / min, wrecker operation of the highest, the maximum arm length of 1640mm, the maximum traction quality: 7490kg; Traction speed: 30kg / h.

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