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Hook lift-type garbage truck features and benefits Description

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-11-30

Hook lift-type garbage truck features and benefits:

Dedicated function: The hook lift-type garbage truck is composed of the automobile chassis, the telescopic pull arm, the main arm cylinder, the movable arm, the arm cylinder,
the frame, the flip frame, the support leg, the locking frame, To the valve and so on.

One end of the main arm cylinder is connected with the movable sleeve arm and the other end is connected with the auxiliary frame; and one end of the main arm cylinder is
connected with the movable sleeve arm and the other end is connected with the auxiliary frame;

The lateral locking mechanism can connect the trash bin with the overturning frame through the action of the locking cylinder, and then the movable sleeve arm is connected with
the turning frame through the extension of the telescopic cylinder so as to form a self- Unloading angle, resulting in dumping;

Hook box and the box is a lateral lock in the extended release state, while the arm cylinder is retracted state, retractable arm back to the activities of the arm, the
longitudinal locking mechanism disengaged, working in the short arm hook And put the box.

Advantages of hook lift garbage truck:
1 Mobility, a car is also responsible for the transport of multiple bins, high efficiency, reduce transportation costs;
2 dustbin covers an area of ​​small, saving construction resources, without reprovisioning lifting set;
3 special high-strength wear-resistant steel, yield strength 490MPa;
4. Equipment, light weight, lifting capacity, large dump angle of 50 degrees;
5. Equipment, durable, long life;
6 safety systems include: load holding valve, hydraulic and mechanical box lock device, tilt locking device, a good tilt lock stability
7 equipped with hydraulic oil filter indicator;
8 operating speed, a loading and unloading round-trip time of 80-120 seconds;
9 advanced heavy tank loading and unloading support agencies, hard, soft operations are equally good.