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Hook arm garbage truck-steps of hooking trash compartment

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-12-08

Steps of hooking trash compartments——there are steps when hook arm garbage truck hooking and puting down trash compartments, which looks very simple but also in accordance with the steps to use, hook arm garbage truck manufacturers to Tell us about the specific steps:

1: hook arm garbage truck driver pulled the parking brake handbrake handle, so that the vehicle is in a parked state.
2: Open the battery clutch button on the cab (red rocker switch) to energize the battery clutch circuit.
3: Pick up the cab control box, turn the red button at the top of the control box, press the button on the direction of rotation, this time will be issued "beep" beep, said electromagnetic clutch; then hold down the control operation The lower arm of the box will not let go, the main arm will start to work, the arm cylinder will be extended, the main arm will rotate around the front hinge axis, and the pull arm will be in the position of the hook box. Align box hook, release the "down" button.
4: hook arm garbage truck driver to get off the garbage box to observe the back door at the bottom of the locking handle is locked, if not in a locked state or locking unreliable,
Should pull the locking handle, to ensure that the garbage compartment door lock handle to refuse the back door and garbage compartment locked together.
5: Observe whether the garbage door is closed or not, close the refuse input door and let the garbage input door be locked. Make sure that the garbage input door is tightened before entering the one-step operation.
6: When the arm hook hook aligned with the carriage hook, hold down the control box in the middle of the "up" button and hold the main arm arm cylinder recovery, hook hook hook envelope, garbage box began to hang , And continue to hook on the car.
7: When the hook-arm garbage truck garbage box falls onto the sub-frame, release the "up" button of the control box, press and hold the "left" button in the middle of the control box, and lock the cylinder out, And the sub-frame firmly locked together.