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History of garbage truck development

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2017-03-04
In the modern society garbage truck is already an indispensable sanitation vehicle in our city. So big base friends did not understand the history of garbage truck history?
Foton 2800 mm wheelbase road
China's use of garbage trucks for less than 30 years, but the origin of garbage trucks can be traced back to the twenties and thirties of last century. Garbage truck appears in the car before the time, when the garbage truck is relatively simple, is a carriage plus a box, the car appeared after the carriage transfer car. At that time the garbage truck is open, garbage overflow, summer will be stench. And soon the open garbage truck was eliminated, followed by the emergence of covered garbage truck, this garbage truck is a watertight box plus a weightlifting dumping of the mechanical composition, but because of the need to spend a lot of manpower It was replaced, and replace him is the German guy invented the rotary garbage truck. This car in the car which added a rotating crushing device, you can put the bulk of the garbage crushed, so you can load with more garbage.

Americans in the 20th century invented the post-compression garbage truck, this garbage truck with the modern garbage truck has been like, after the compressed garbage truck using hydraulic cylinder trash, making the ability to compress the garbage more powerful, garbage truck The carrying capacity is also improved. American city of Detroit is the first city to use this garbage truck, in the 1950s, such garbage trucks in the mobile business and industrial waste has played a very important role.
Shaanxi Auto 6T compression garbage truck
The automatic unloading garbage truck was invented by Dumpster Trucks in the mid-1950s and was the most advanced garbage truck at the time, and a robotic arm was installed in front of the rear trash in the driver's seat. Small trash can directly pick up or put down, so greatly reduced the old power of people. (Xiaobian find this map is the automatic unloading garbage truck) This way of work in the early 21st century, Shanghai can also see the small series to see. This garbage truck can carry 35 cubic meters to 40 cubic meters of garbage, dealing with commercial waste more than enough.