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High pressure cleaning trucks knowledge Ten Questions ten A

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-16

High pressure cleaning trucks picturer

First, high pressure cleaning truck work?

High pressure cleaning vehicles by rotation principle is to be able to have a flexible wire bend turn into clogged sewer pipes, things clog cloth, hair and the like to bring out. There is also a tool called a gun pass, a pneumatic tool to clear, using the principles of high-pressure water pipes red open clogged. Life common skin kick Son is this principle flung open the clogged pipe. Industrial pipeline dredge pipeline dredge machine due to differences in the size of the pipe with a relatively large, 100MM at home sewer pipes with the same clear.

Second, the use of high pressure cleaning vehicles What?

High pressure cleaning vehicles, also known as: pipeline dredge car, road cleaning vehicles, fence cleaning vehicles, sewer cleaning truck. Washing cars mainly used for cleaning roads, plaza pavement, sewers, sediment, dead mud ditch dredge pipe can also be used for cleaning industrial drain pipes, wall and so on. High pressure cleaning vehicles can be equipped with sprinklers and smoke pollution devices, set cleaning smoke pollution in one.

Third, high pressure cleaning vehicles in winter can use?

It can be used, but must pay attention to changes in temperature. Winter hours when the temperature is above freezing can be used, the depths of winter when the temperature reaches below zero can not be used. High pressure cleaning truck high pressure pump should pay particular attention to changes in temperature, when the temperature reaches zero degrees Celsius, the water freezes inside the pump could result in the expansion of the water pump seal, valve split up in the winter. If forced to start, the high pressure pump plunger and cabinet will be seriously damaged, so zero degrees Celsius and below are not allowed to start the high-pressure pump.

Fourth, how to maintain high pressure cleaning car battery?

1, can be used to borrow other vehicle battery to start. However, this method must pay attention not professional people do not privately random access battery positive and negative, and it would burn the battery or electrical injury. The correct way is to first make sure the two battery positive and negative, positive then positive, negative to negative.

2, people can push or slide downhill in Jiangdang way to start suction truck. To do is speed up after the first step on the gas car first gear neutral gear, etc., etc. quickly depress the clutch started after high pressure cleaning cars on the gas, of course, this method is suitable for the number of older drivers.

Fifth, high pressure cleaning vehicles generally how much pressure?

Between 15bar-20bar, high pressure will damage paint.

Six high-pressure washing cars on the market in general clean up once the charges?

Summarized as follows: 5 cubic meters of tanks, 200-800 yuan a car, cleaning the pool or 5 cubic meters of sewage pipe network, you need a minimum of three cars, because to repeatedly rinse. In general, clearing a minimum 1,200 yuan, the highest possible yelled 3500 yuan.

Seven, high pressure cleaning vehicles can be cleaned DN1200 sewers do?

Yes, high pressure cleaning vehicles can function with smoke pollution can be cleaned sewers, mainly for municipal pipeline design, high pressure cleaning vehicles have a variety of options.

Eight, high pressure cleaning vehicles with water Precautions What?

When high pressure cleaning vehicles (pipeline dredge car) use of rivers, ponds as a water source, pay attention to all the ends of the suction pipe submerged. To avoid inhalation of stones or more sediment, floating debris, suction pipe end is generally provided with a filter means, is strictly prohibited filtration devices removed during water absorption. If the water is shallow, the water needs to advance at a number of deepened to ensure that does not contain the debris and into the air does not.

Nine, high pressure cleaning vehicles which brand is better?

Dongfeng and Foton applied more widely.

Ten, high pressure cleaning truck high pressure pump pressure is generally much?

Minimum 8 MPa, 36 MPa maximum. The most common high-pressure piston pump the following categories: 8 MPa and 10 MPa and 16 MPa ,, ,, 18 MPa, 20 MPa, 22 MPa, 28 MPa, 30 MPa and 36 MPa. MPa refers to high-pressure cleaning pipe at the time of output per cubic centimeter has approximately 10 × kilograms of pressure. That is equal to 160 kg of 16 MPa pressure.