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High pressure cleaning truck pneumatic braking troubleshooting

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-09-23

High pressure cleaning trucks are often used when there will be some failures, such as during driving of high pressure cleaning vehicles, the brake pedal has been stepped up
after the low, or not be able to brake immediately, it should be in such a situation how to troubleshoot it?

Reasons can cause high pressure cleaning truck air brake failures are as follows: the brake pedal free travel of the vehicle is too large, brake chamber diaphragm and the brake
control valve cracked or there is damage appeared empty, high pressure cleaning brake line pipe damage caused by the leak and is loose fitting, air reservoir air pressure is not
enough, improper clearance between the brake drum and brake shoe friction plate of the friction plate stained with mud or oil, brake air valve exhaust valve does not close well,
and so are the cause of the high-pressure cleaning truck air brake failure. Knowing the cause of failure can cause substantially after, here we begin to troubleshoot it.

1, after the high-pressure cleaning truck engine starts, let it run a few minutes at medium speed, and then look in the air reservoir pressure is not able to reach the required
standards, if the air pressure is low on after the engine to stall pressure is can not be dropped, then it proved that high-pressure washing car air compressor have a faulty. If
the output when the pressure is insufficient, you need to check the high pressure cleaning car belt is not too loose or break situation, if the belt is completely normal, and in
turn examine the next air compressor and air reservoir pipe has no leak.

2, so that high-pressure cleaning truck engine continues to operate in the absence of the brake pedal when the air reservoir pressure does not rise, and after the engine
stalled, the pressure is steadily falling, and this situation most of the high-pressure cleaning vehicle brake control line between the valve and the air compressor has appeared

3, after the above checks carried out, all parts are functioning, the next step should be to check the high pressure cleaning vehicle brake pedal free travel is not too big,
wear it too serious friction disc brake the gap between the drum and the friction plate there is too large.