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High pressure cleaning truck maintenance in winter

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-30

Winter is hot sales season for high-pressure cleaning truck and suction sewage truck. Today Hubei Changjie Special Purpose Vehicle Co.Ltd will introduce winter maintenance method and precaution of high pressure cleaning truck.
1. Warm air: when winter coming, firstly try out if there is hot air, fans running any abnormal sound and duct patency. Particularly pay attention to whether defrost the windshield at the outlet of the wind is normal and the heat is enough. Also check the air inlet or air inlet grilles, whether there is debris, etc. electronic fan. In addition, prior to use vinegar should be used smoke to warm mouth disinfection, air-conditioning inside the loop open to the
maximum amount of wind, the doors and windows closed to 10-15 minutes.
2. Tire: Winter rubber becomes hard and relatively brittle, which will reduce the friction coefficient, tire pressure is not too high, but more can not be too low. External temperature is low, the tire pressure is too low, soft tires will seriously accelerate aging. Winter to frequent cleaning inclusions within the tread, try to avoid using up more than once a tire, replace worn out larger and different patterns of different brands of tires. Tire wear very different inside and outside, to ensure safety, reduce wear, the tires should be regularly to
exchange position.
3. High pressure cleaning truck and sewage suction truck using engine oil: before winter, you should replace with high quality, efficient antifreeze and lubricants. Select smaller viscosity oil to reduce mechanical wear will be better. Note before filling antifreeze, the engine cooling system must first be cleaned.
4, Glass water: Although the glass cleaning solution will significantly reduce the amount of use of the winter, but it can not be ignored. Some people in other than the amount of the season with water and purify water instead, but those winter substitutes often frozen, so winter can not be used. Zero degrees Celsius in the winter environment should replace the winter frost glass cleaning solution, or added to an appropriate proportion of alcohol to lower the freezing point, freezing purposes.
5, Battery: To check the electrolyte level and specific gravity height. If the specific gravity of the electrolyte is too low, one can not provide enough power, and second, it is possible the cracking shell and scrapped. It should be noted, must give the battery is fully charged after re-adjustment in the electrolyte concentration of sulfuric acid, sulfuric acid concentration is too high will shorten battery life. Above the liquid level of the electrolyte electrode plate edges should be 10-15 cm. When high enough, the battery should be distilled water or liquid supplement, do not add water or electrolyte directly, it will immediately cause the battery destroyed.
Cold weather people will pay attention to warm warm, prevent colds. High pressure cleaning truck, like people in the cold winter but also with care and maintenance, can be healthy for the winter.