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High pressure cleaning truck maintenance cycle

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-07

High pressure cleaning truck picture

High pressure cleaning truck

Daily maintenance of content

High pressure cleaning vehicles visual inspection: Before the bus, looking around the car to see the light means there is no damage, the body has no inclination, there is no oil spills, leaks and other leaks; check the tire's outer case; check the doors, engine compartment lid, status line stowage cover and glass. :: Check signaling device to open the ignition key (do not start the engine), check the lighting conditions of each alarm and indicator lights, start the engine warning light is normal to view all off, light is still lit. Fuel check: Check the fuel gauge indication, supplementary fuel.

High pressure cleaning truck picture

High pressure cleaning truck picture

Weekly maintenance content

Tire Pressure: Check tire pressure adjustment, clean up debris on the tires. Do not forget to check the spare tire. And a variety of engine oil: Check the engine components is fixed, the view of the engine each joint surface there is no oil spills, water leakage; Check and adjust the belt tightness; view the various parts of the line and wire fixing case; check oil supplement; check supplemental cooling fluid; check added electrolyte; check complements the power steering oil; cleaning radiator appearance; supplementary windscreen washing liquid. Cleaning: Clean car interior cleaning car appearance.

Monthly maintenance content

External check: damage patrol car, check the bulb and shade; inspection body ornaments fixed situation; check the side mirror of the situation. Tyres: Check the tires for wear, clean up the luggage compartment; close to the tire should be replaced wear mark tires, check the tires have no drum kits, the main abnormal wear, cracks and aging flawed and so on. Waxing Cleaning: thoroughly cleaning car interiors; debris clean water tank exterior, engine oil cooler look and appearance on the air conditioning radiator.

Chassis: Check the chassis there is no oil leakage phenomenon, we found traces of oil spills, should check the assembly and make appropriate gear oil supplement for all choke chassis full complement of fat job.
Other: meticulous repeat weekly maintenance content.

Maintenance every six months contents

Outside the engine: cleaning engine appearance, attention to the electrical part of the waterproofing treatment cleaning. If the electrical part of the water higher, they should avoid using high-pressure, high-temperature water jets to flush the engine, can be cleaned with a brush dipped engine cleaner appearance.

Distributor: with a clean rag wipe the dirt inside the distributor cap, remove electrical contact points at the dirt, the elimination of contact ablation of scar, high-speed contact check the gap or the magnetic pole gap electronic ignition system, lubrication points Electric lubrication points.
Three filter oil: air filter with compressed air to remove dust; timely replacement of the fuel filter and clean the pipe joint filter; replace oil and oil filter. For domestic cars should clean crude oil filter, fuel filter and centrifugal thin pre-filter.

Battery: Check the battery terminal part of the phenomenon there is no corrosion, rinse with hot water battery appearance, remove corrosion on the battery posts. Measurement adjustment electrolyte specific gravity of the battery.

Coolant: Check supplementary coolant, cleaning the tank appearance.

Tire Wheel: Check the tire wear on the tires of transposition. Check the wheels, bearing preload and, if the gap should be adjusted preload degrees.
Brakes: Check the hand brake lever to adjust the working stroke; examine and adjust the hand brake drum shoe clearance; examine and adjust the free travel of the foot brake pedal; check wheel brake shoe wear, abrasion mark should be replaced if it reaches the brake shoe; examine and adjust the wheel brake shoe clearance; check add brake fluid.

Fastening: Check the chassis bolts or spiral Important tight situation, especially the important bolts and steering system spirals, found loose or missing cases, it should be filled tighten.

Chassis: Check each chassis part pipeline situation, see if there is leakage, check all the metal connecting rod fastening parts, rubber bushings and check there is no damage in the case, chassis lubrication points up all the grease.

Lights: Check the high-pressure cleaning car lights, maintenance refrigeration, heating equipment, clean sound system.