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Hazards of tank car tanks not cleaned for a long time

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-09
Many car users maintained very well, but it misses the point on the tank car tank cleaning, a lot of people are confused don't do I have to clean the tank, fuel tank cleaning is very important, not cleaned on a regular basis to relatively large vehicle hazards, following you on tank car tank unclear long-term harm.
Tanker fuel tank long unclear harm
Impurities in oil, the oil is at the bottom of each gas station years hoarding a lot of impurities. If you were in Depot transportation fuel when refueling, will add some impurities. After these impurities into the fuel tank, first settling in the bottom of the tank. Slowly, when sediment is excessive, as fuel enters into the vehicle's engine, severe wear on the engine. Except when filling the tank in a closed state, was closed at other times. However, with the age of the car, long service time, precipitating impurities will be more and more in the tank, will along with the car's fuel system into the engine, and over time will inevitably cause damage to the tanker.