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Have you taken your "seat" on the wrong maintenance methods for sweeper truck?

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-09

China Road SweeperTruck for Sale

China Road Sweeper Truck for Sale

In order to maintain a good environment,more and more people need sweeper truck. Everyone knows the maintenance is very important for sweeper truck. Good mathods will increase the service life of sweeper truck, but the wrong maintenance ones become counterproductive. We should be careful when we maitain sweeper truck and don't blindly maintain.Never take your "seat" on tha wrong methods. The Special Vehicle net will describe several wrong methods of sweeper truck maintenance below:

1.Keep sweeper truck screw bolts too tightly to cause permanent deformation.These are too many fastener pieces like crew bolts and screw nuts for connecting using in sweeper truck.Make sure there is enough pretightening force without getting overtighten. If screwed too tightly, on the one hand,the connection parts would be permanently deformated under outforce and on the other hand,it would make crew bolts of sweeper truck permanently stretching deformated and pretightening force decreasing,which could lead to slidding or facture.

2.Cleaning sweeper truck under hot sun.Many people would like to clean their vehicle under hot sun,thinking in this way ,hot sun could make the water on the surface of vehicle body dried more quickly. In fact, washing under hot sun,the droplets form lens,which would cause the high terperature on the uppermost of vehicle paint.After much time,the paint of sweeper truck would lose luster. If waxing at this time, it is very easy to cause the paint of sweeper truck uneven.Therefore, washing should be avoid of sunshine.If not guaranteed, it is best not to wash.

3.Too much motor oil of sweeper truck would cause problems.If motor oil of sweeper truck is too much,the large end of link would produce severe agitation while engine is working,which not only increases the power loss inside the launch, but also increases motor oil splashed on the cylinder wall and causes burning oil. Thus, motor oil in engine oil sump should be controled  between the lowest tick mark and the highest tick mark in motor oil ruler.

4.Circling wax for sweeper truck would result in a bad effect.Many habittualy wax vehicle body for sweeper truck as a circling wax way,which is not correct. Correct way to wax is waxing in a straight line.Waxing should be based on the correct way to a straight line with alternating horizontal and vertical lines, and then waxing the last line along the direction of rain moving.In that way,it can reach a effect of reducing generationg concentric circles out of paint.

5.Due to different road conditions,it is not suitable to import tires of sweeper trucks.The flat road in Europe is quite different from that in China.Tires that are suitable for road conditions in Europe can hardly be a good performance.Especially the resistance to sidewall clearly be acclimatized,which is like wearing Italian designer shoes walking on gravel road,and the sidewall of tires would inevitablely be drum kits.Some foreign brands of tires,after having be in the domestic joint consumption, add cord fabric layers in the side of tires based on road conditions in China,which thereby greatly strengthens the impact force of sidewall of tires.Sweeper truck tires of joint consumption can completely replace imported tires from the performance.

Therefore suitable sweeper truck maintenance methods can well protect our sweeper trucks, but wrong maintenance methods would be counterproductive.