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Hanging barrels of the part and the use of garbage truck

  • Author:garbage truck
  • Release on :2016-05-04
Hanging barrels from the loading and unloading garbage truck, mainly used in the sanitation department of municipal and large factories and mines carry a variety of waste, can also transport dust, sand, stone, soil and other bulk materials, can also transport in the mines or mine ore or coal. The sealed garbage load, hydraulic system, the operating system. Lifting system of oil cylinder (2) garbage compartments can hang down, working on the next cycle time 50 s or less.
I company hanging barrels from loading and unloading of the composition of garbage truck:
1. The cover, back cover adopts hydraulic pressure to open and close the form. In order to ensure the dump with media, in the litter box is equipped with scraper device. Adopts hydraulic drive, with grey (residue) rate < 3 ‰. 
China garbage truck manufacturer
2. The hydraulic system adopts high quality lifting oil cylinder, the operating valve, connector of cutting sleeve type, high pressure hose and high pressure steel pipe installation is reasonable, decorate a reliable fixation device at the same time, guarantee the long time without any leakage, reliable, convenient maintenance and prolong service life.
3. The trash bin in wisco used in manufacturing of high qualified steel plate production, box base plate can be mounted to the stainless steel plate, ensure the smooth when the medium dump, at the same time, according to the region's at the bottom of seasonal temperature condition with anti freezing Settings, guarantee the normal operation of the vehicle. Sealed garbage box equipped with push board, ensure its discharge clean. (van body parameters: the box body by wisco gb Q235 plank, enclosure backplane 4 mm steel plate, side panel, 3 mm steel plate, roof 2 mm)