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Hanging barrels garbage truck maintenance matters

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-08

Chinese hanging barrels garbage truck pictures

Garbage truck

Usually a lot of people always like littering, thus giving workers caused great inconvenience, but fortunately, there are now hanging bucket garbage truck appears, give them work to bring some help. As for hanging barrels garbage trucks were used when the owner will have to consider its maintenance matters, because only good maintenance and repair, in order to lengthen its life, so a detailed understanding of how to care and maintenance hanging bucket garbage truck it is very necessary for you to make this the following description.

Hanging barrels garbage truck factory price

First, for hanging barrels garbage truck chassis as well as the use of the engine to the need for strict accordance with the formal approach to maintenance, as far as possible in accordance with the instructions to carry out.

Second, if purchased new, hanging barrels garbage truck is again performed using, be sure to give him enough time, enough number of kilometers to be running, in addition to write something when I do not step on the gas suddenly tender unload

Third, when the fuel tank work to a certain time in the future should be the replacement of all the oil, you first need to open your tank, then into the oil drain plug, and then filling the hole from the top down in the injection of new oil before starting the engine is started, after confirmation before starting the engine after the trial twice.

Fourth, the car in the high-pressure pipeline to regular replacement cycle is generally replaced every two years, but if the use of the process, there is the case of damage to the pipeline expansion found should also be timely replaced. Also you need to regularly check the hydraulic system for leaks, and timely replacement and maintenance.

Fifth, after the car to work every day to achieve timely cleaning, washing area including vehicles and cars, but also should always check the oil regularly to apply all parts of lubricant to the surface of each guide rail also need to apply. For half of the work gear oil pressure, but also regular inspection and adjustment, also you need to check the oil filter cartridge, remove impurities and consider replacement heart.

After reading the above description, for hanging barrels garbage truck maintenance knowledge you should have some understanding for the car, the owner must take good care of, so not only can extend the life of use, but also when in use with security.