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HOWO Dump Truck: Dump truck track

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-11-15

A lot of friends do not know howo dump truck treadmill, introduced in the following;

The distance between the center lines of the tracks left on the vehicle support plane
(generally the ground).

In general, the wider the wheelbase, the higher the driving comfort, but some domestic cars do not have the direction of power, if the front wheel too wide the steering wheel will be very "heavy", affecting driving comfort.

In addition, the wheelbase also affects the overall width, gross weight, lateral stability and
safety of the vehicle.


In general, the greater the wheelbase, the more favorable to the smooth operation, while the body shape and spaciousness of the compartment is also beneficial, the better the lateral stability. But the wheel width, and the total width of the car and the total weight generally increased, and prone to dumping mud to the side of the body. If the wheelbase is too wide will also affect the safety of the car, therefore, the wheel should be compatible with the width of the body. earth dump tipper truck

Front track

The wheelbase of the car is divided between the front track and the rear track, and the front track is the distance between the center plane of the front two wheels.
At both ends is a single wheel when the track 

Rear track

The rear track distance is the distance between the center planes of the two rear wheels,
which may or may not be the same. If the two ends of the axle are double wheels, the wheelbase is the distance between the two center planes of the two wheels. (dump truck)
At both ends is a dual wheel wheelbase.