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Garbage trucks cleaning steps

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-04-10

Before the washing of the vehicles, body surface temperature cooled to 60 ° c, ambient temperature should be maintained at 0~40℃. Water cannons off the painted surface more than 15 cm. Flush with the order from the top to the sides. Flush front grid positions, you should use water spray, you can\'t use water column to the water tank or condenser fin erosion, install plastic fender arches cover should be removed cleaned and thoroughly clean the inside of the fender, the fender.

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1. is to remove stubborn traces of residue in the body, you can use universal cleaning water combined with a dust-free cloth carefully scrubbed, then wring out the dip in car shampoo clean cotton cloth, and wipe in the direction perpendicular to the car body paint on the car shampoo. Finally is a car wash with plenty of water liquid rinse completely, and with synthetic Sheepskin scarves moisture to dry. Dry to achieve the vehicle without any trace of water glass without smudging

2. high pressure water cleaning, use water cannons from top to bottom will flush sediment contamination on the surface of the body, and after washing the body, finally washing the car lower. Note This step should be a comprehensive washing chassis, thoroughly clean the edges, curved parts, fenders and other parts. Special wheels and the brake disc should be parts, fender and front mesh part, within borders and skirts everywhere, such as sediment, dirt, rinse thoroughly.

3. wipe, wash your car with car wash sponge dipped in shampoo, wipe the body again, if contaminants are not easy to remove, can be used repeatedly to wipe, pay attention to clean body sponges to be used separately to avoid sand scratching the painted surface of the underbody. Then rinse with high pressure spray, special joints, corner foam residues rinse.

4. liquid, shampoo washing liquid spilled on the vehicle body. Methods there are two, one is the use of multifunction high pressure foam cleaning machines, spray to evenly, to regularly shaking the nozzle up and down; the second is handcrafted, according to a certain proportion shampoo washing liquid, you may not use, dewaxing detergent washing powder, SOAP and water.