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Garbage truck manufacturer reminder: modified garbage trucks must pay attention to the 10 points!

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-04-20
As more and more owners of cars into the \"sanitation garbage truck, water truck, fecal suction truck\", security risks are correspondingly substantial increase, some of which are not formal modifications led to the decline in the life of the car. Following some junk vehicles garbage truck manufacturer to introduce the ten tips.

, Chassis adapted, the rear axle of axle-load mass shall not exceed the maximum allowable axle-load mass of the chassis.

Two or three-wheel vehicle shall not be greater than the total mass of the products quality chassis used by calibration of the maximum load, shall not be less than the maximum allowable total mass of 90%.

Third, all modifications and changes to the refuse collection vehicles in accordance with current national regulations.

Four, refitting factories to convert part of the design, manufacturing and safety; to refit part joined with the chassis carrying system, the power output system, right, not as a modified part of layout design affecting vehicle safety.

Five, works should not be free to install modified parts removal, change, impair and damage to the chassis of the original structure, or cause the chassis carrying taken over more serious stress concentration.

Six, modified parts should leave enough space for maintenance, so that relevant parts of the inspection, repair, lubrication, replacement of disassembling has the advantage of proximity. Cars-chassis if necessary to have the appropriate maintenance activities cover.

Seven, modified vehicles on the vehicle, and modified parts in motion with any State, should ensure that the modified part and no friction occurs between the original chassis components, collision and interference.

, Attention to minimize the conversion part of the Centre of gravity height of eight (including hosting quality) and ensure full, the axis of the axle load distribution does not exceed the maximum permitted axle load, to avoid the unbalanced load between the shaft and around the wheel.

Nine, when the selected chassis double cab, and modified should ensure smooth flip of the cab.

Ten, shall not be affected by modifications of sanitation trucks driving brake and steering performance.