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Garbage truck maintenance in the spring should know

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-18
Spring is approaching, garbage truck after a winter of baptism, the front should look for spring, small comb for everyone today on spring and maintenance considerations.
1, garbage truck paint
More rain in the spring, the acid in the rain can damage car paint, so pay special attention to protecting the car paint.

2, Interior disinfection
Spring temperatures rise, coupled with the humidity, is the growth of various germs breed Golden season, paying special attention to the garbage truck cab interior of bacteria, especially the outlet the health corner more cleaning to do the work and keep the cab dry clean.

3, engine maintenance
Engine appears difficult to activate, weak, unstable idling and other symptoms. General garbage trucks air filter 15000 km to change, best once in 5000 km in spring, it is good for the engine.

4, air conditioning system
In order to make the air conditioning in the heat of the day to a smooth start, avoid trouble, check for air conditioning as well as soon as possible, such issues should be repaired in a timely manner, so as not to delay the use of air conditioning.

5, oil inspection
Check the engine oil, brake fluid, such as lack of time; check the chassis for oil spills, leakage; checking the tire pressure and tread wear, nut loose phenomenon. If it driving a run or set of phenomena, to the depot to do wheel alignment or balancing checks; check whether the fan belt breaks or fractures, adjust the tightness of the belt, check all cable connections, wireless cracking skin, loose, poor contact, and so on.

6, tank maintenance
Temperatures gradually rebounded in the spring, some friends found insufficient coolant in the radiator, supplemented with water. Automotive antifreeze is not the topic, but water and build scale, rust, and a low boiling point, it is easy to result ":". Therefore cannot be freely replaced coolant with water.

7, wiper
Increased spring rain, surface and line of sight is not conducive to driving on a rainy day, if wipers fail to brush away the rain, that will bring to your safe driving is very dangerous, so be more careful with its maintenance. Wiper switch can be placed in a variety of speeds, note a blowing rain whether there is vibration and noise at work, check whether the rain blowing at different speeds to maintain a certain speed, observe the wipers and wiper swinging support the existence of uneven or missing scrape phenomenon. You use with your finger on the rubber wiper blades have a feel, check for damage and the elasticity of the rubber blades. Leaf aging and hardening cracks, it should be replaced, preferably boneless Wiper Blade change.

8, usually observe the engine
When the spring wind blows, poplar, willow, maomao may also enter through the radiator air duct condenser, affect the condensation effect.