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Garbage truck and tank cleaning is very important

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-03-21
Recently, there was a garbage truck owner to see when cleaning the tank cleaned out a lot of incredible things: in addition to the particle, Colloid, repairing master from the tank cleaned out the tin foil and plastic film ... ... Was really startled him. Particulate, colloidal materials can be regarded as impurities in the oil, then tin foil is going? is Po add fuel when he accidentally fell into. Except when filling the tank in a closed state, was closed at other times. However, with the age of the car, long service time, precipitating impurities will be more and more in the tank, will along with the car's fuel system into the engine, and over time can cause damage to vehicles. Itself there are impurities in the oil, the oil is at the bottom of each gas station years hoarding a lot of impurities. If you're in a tanker transporting fuel to oil depots when refueling, will add some impurities. After these impurities into the fuel tank, first settling in the bottom of the tank. Slowly, when sediment is excessive, as fuel enters into the car's engine, severe wear on the engine.

Tank cleaning the idle speed when 30,000 km

Itself set in the tank protection, waterproofing, insulation. If you idle speed for a long time, that maybe 30,000 km when you have oil cleaned. Otherwise, once the circuit is blocked, the air pressure in the tank is too high, driving garbage trucks in the process, there will be swinging phenomenon. Under the influence of high pressure tank is very easy to crack, and appears in serious oil leakage, high fuel consumption is also up.

The specific method of tank cleaning
Tank cleaning is divided into two steps, both internal and external. External: need to check the fuel tanks, tubing, connectors, and other places have no dents or oil leakage. Remember to check the fuel tank bracket screws are tightened. Interior: open the tank, remove the filter barrel, suck the oil out, only about 30 liters of gasoline inside the box. Clean pipes from filler insert into the bottom of the tank, gently blow petrol at the bottom of the tank to make it roll to clean.

Of course, when we were cleaning the tank, you can use a piece of clean cloth to refueling nozzle was blocked, and then constantly change the position and orientation of the plastic pipe, on the way to try to avoid rubbing the oil level sensor. After about 20 minutes the wash, gasoline out impurities in gasoline came together, the fuel out of the tank to be deposited after 72 hours before use.