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Fuel tank truck winter maintenance: inner parts and electric equipments

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-09-02

If fuel tank truck drivers don't pay attention to daily maintenance of parts, and very likely to cause danger; and electrical products, if not carefully treated, it will also affect the comfort and safety of driving fuel tank truck. Below i will talk about the inner parts and electric equipments maintenance.
Use wood chips to clean dashboard
Fuel tank truck drivers often do not take dashboard as maintenance object. In fact, due to the complex structure of the instrument panel and many corners, it is difficult to clean up. Dashboards can be used rags and sponges to clean small parts, some of the gap required "special tools."
Experts said fuel tank truck drivers can use a variety of different thickness of the sheet of wood or ruler, put their heads repair obliquely triangular, rectangular or pointed different style, and then wrapped in a clean cloth, the cleaning instrument used disk in the slot on it. This can guarantee the cleaning effect without causing damage to the site to be cleaned.
Fuel tank truck navigation should be paid attention to moisture, anti-dust 
How should fuel tank truck navigation be maintained? The key point is anti-moisture, anti-ash and correct use. Washing vehicle in summer, remember to shut the door tight, and
clean the interior of the tanker, try to use a broom to sweep dust.
If you need to clean, keep water as less as possible on towel. There is no need to use a liquid detergent and the like against the spraying. After cleaning, be sure to let most
of the water evaporated before the fuel tank truck windows closed.
When using fuel tank truck navigation, to avoid suddenly put the maximum volume. After use should shut down the end of the in-vehicle navigation, then turn off. It never shuts
down, although easy, but easy to damage the electronic components after a long time.
Also, do not allow contact with sharp objects tanker navigation screen. While the center console to avoid sun exposure, high temperatures not only affect the tanker navigation
battery life, but also affect the touch sensitivity of the LED screen.