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Fuel tank truck winter maintenance: about the maintenance precautions of spare tires

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-26

Spare tire for long distances fuel tank truck driver is very important, particularly in the case of no repair store nearby. Let's discuss the spare tanker from three aspects:
1, Usually detect fuel tank truck spare tire
Routine maintenance or before long, there is little spare tanker drivers to detect, and some
non-professional repair shops also often neglect it. Check the spare tire pressure is detected primarily, for wear and cracks before tread wear to wear signs should be replaced as soon as possible to spare. Tanker manufacturers also pointed out that if the tire side there is a small crack, it can not be used over long distances or high-speed driving, because the tire sidewall is thinner, high-speed driving prone to puncture.
2, Do not put oil together with spare tire
The main component of tanker tire rubber, and rubber fear most is the erosion of various oil products. Tanker drivers often put in the trunk memory lubricants and other oils, these oils once stained tires, make tanker tire inflation eclipse occurs will greatly reduce the life of the tire.
3, The general life of fuel tank truck tire is about 3 years
Many fuel tank truck drivers think, as long as the spare tire has been placed on the spare tire bracket is not used, can be "long life", which is wrong. Often such a situation: tanker driver wanted to replace the spare tire after a puncture, but found the spare tire in place after many years, has been seriously aging, has long been a waste tire. In fact, because the tires are rubber, stored too long, there will be aging, the aging of the general tanker tire is about 3 years, so, four years after the spare tire should be replaced.