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Fuel tank truck manufacturer reminds that fuel tank truck drivers prevent from tire spontaneous comb

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2017-01-04

Fuel tank truck tires suddenly spontaneous combustion, full of 15 tons of diesel tank at
stake. Today, the city fire brigade informed the March 10th at noon occurred in the shop with a fire accident, fire officers and men rushed to the scene more than 20 minutes, in time to save more than 1 hour, and ultimately turn the corner.

March 10th about 12:10, the city Fire Squadron commanded center dispatch received a warning: from Xinyang to Suizhou Wancun has a tanker on fire, the squadron quickly dispatched two water tank foam car, two water tankers and 15 fire Members rushed to the scene.

Fire officers arrived at about 12:35 the scene, the observation and understanding found that a heavy tanker filled with 15 tons of diesel because of long-distance driving, resulting in rear tire spontaneous combustion, the driver will park the roadside, with dry powder fire
extinguisher Early fighting, but because the temperature is too high, not enough fire
extinguishers, can not effectively control the fire. The fire has ignited the left rear tires, and was burning state, baking the bottom of the tank, the situation is extremely urgent.
Squadron commanders ordered the immediate laying of two water gun line for fire fighting and cooling of the oil tank cooling, and request reinforcements to the command center, after 20 minutes of water control, the fire temporarily to control, but the fire truck water shortage, leaving only one Water gun trunk cooling the tank, while looking for water in the vicinity to keep the fire water supply without interruption, and notify the safety supervision staff quickly arrange for relevant technical personnel and empty tanker arrived at the scene of the infusion transfer.

After more than 1 hour of repeated transport of water, water cooling, at 3:30 or so, the fuel
tank truck tank temperature completely cooled down, the technical staff began to implement the transfer of irrigation, 2:30 or so, 15 tons of diesel oil transfer, accidents In no casualties, successfully saved the day.