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Fuel tank truck maintenance: the mechanical steering machine maintenance issues

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-26

Each component of fuel tank truck has its role. The steering has an important influence on
whether vehicles can be used normally. So that tanker owners tanker steering response brought high priority. The following small series with a look at ways to take care tanker mechanical steering machine:
1, always check the protective cover on both sides of steering and protective cover state of
upper of direction part connected to the universal machine. Sheath damage is the main factor leading to early wear and damage to the machine direction. After the sheath is damaged, sand, water and dust enters through broken steering on inside the machine, rack and pinion grease film damage, leading to internal steering Rusty abnormal wear and other phenomena, if not immediately disposed inside the water and sand, in the short term it will cause the machine direction scrapped. So once a month for at least a dust jacket, if found jacket damage occurred must be immediately replaced, and the machine before replacing the right direction to do a comprehensive inspection and maintenance.
2, During do fuel tank truck wheel alignment,after adjustmenting front beam and after changing steering rod, pay particular attention to the tanker protective sleeve can not appear distorted, the assembly is not in place and so on, otherwise it will cause damage to the sheath.
3, Due to the use of grease will gradually become dirty and degenerate, lubricating ability of decline; at the same time wear material will be gradually increased, abrasive wear phenomena will become increasingly important, so that the direction of machine wear increased. Each tanker traveling 100,000 kilometers or so to deal with the direction of machine to do a comprehensive maintenance, thorough cleaning and re-greasing.
4, The harsh conditions of using fuel tank truck machine direction, withstand load, you must use
special grease, ordinary grease can not reach the requirements.
5, Steering gap of fuel tanker will gradually increase in use, if the steering wheel left and
right air travel more than 15 degrees to the direction of the machine must be checked, such as rack and pinion abnormal wear serious, steering assembly must be replaced; if not abnormal wear, but the gap is too large, can be adjusted. When you want to adjust the service station professionals, adjusted to ensure that the steering wheel can tanker left and right hit the limit position, strength and uniform, flexible rotation.