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Fuel tank truck bottoms oil loading system converted Technical Support Guide

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-10-22

1, Staffs doing fuel tank truck maintenance or bottom oil loading system converted, we must establish the guiding ideology of safety first, in the personal, family, company and
social responsibility, all the work that day before the day to do things safe Analysis and evaluation, rational, prudent work.
2, operating on the top of tank body, the replacement of the mouth, a certain clean-up around the mouth of flammable materials, in the process of identifying the fire does not
cause other substances burning before construction. To ensure absolute safety, a fire extinguisher should be placed on top of the tank.
3, fuel tank truck before starting up, opening up all the lid and put the oil switch to detect the oil and gas concentration is exceeded, to determine the explosion-proof
detector to be safe when the indicators before the fire (untreated tank is prohibited with the vehicle into the workshop).

4, when the tank welding with at least two people to be hot work, one welding operation, one on-site supervision and protection. The internal welding operation of the tank, must
pay attention to ventilation and welding waste gas discharged in a timely manner, under normal circumstances every 30 minutes of rotation of personnel operations, or take a
break of 10 minutes, special circumstances do not allow more than one hour of continuous working hours.

5, all tank truck into the factory must be strictly registered (to the company before the shipment of the media must be registered). The registrant decides to clean or steam the
tank according to the vehicle's transport conditions.

6, on the completion of the part of the process to the next part of the process to other parts of the transformation, the responsible person on the process must have a safe
shadow of the parts of the process to the next person in charge, the person in charge of the process to develop clear precautions after the appropriate precautions Measures can
be construction.