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Fuel Tank Truck Maintenance Precautions and Mistakes

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-12-02

Novice to drive, learn to see fuel tank truck dashboard is very important. Always pay attention to the indicators on the instrument panel of the tanker, pay attention to the icon displayed on the instrument panel at any time. Whenever you see the red light on the dashboard, as far as possible stop flame inspection.

Especially to the countryside, in the rugged road, if the "bang" to hang a bit, you can not be indifferent, it is possible to touch the oil pot pot rotten, and may all be missing oil. Of course, such a situation, the tanker instrument panel will display the red oil pot and water wave logo. In such cases, should immediately stop flame. If the new drivers do not understand the situation, continue to move forward, it will be a big problem, resulting in damage to the engine.

Must pull hand brake well when parking

Many new drivers, habitually in the stop when the tanker shift lever in neutral. This habit is very bad, easy to make the gear lever into the forward gear, resulting in danger.

Parking, be sure to pull the handbrake, or very easy to hit someone else's car; and if the ramp, but also may have a greater risk. Many people learn to pay attention to this problem when the car, so the accident has been a lot. But the handbrake in the process must be put in place.

Always pay attention to the car abnormal sound situation

Driving, the driver should pay close attention to all parts of the fuel tank truck sound. Once the car has abnormal sound, first of all to accurately determine the sound from the car or car. If determined from the car, should not; if from the car, it should stop to check.

In the case of no flameout, if the sound disappears, can be judged to be driving the process of abnormal sound, may be fuel tank truck wheels, tires, gearbox, drive shaft, hanging ring; if you continue to ring, may be oil tank truck engine A problem. At this time, you have to carefully listen to the sound from which parts, which direction. If it is a new car, the driver can walk slowly, may be a fuel tank truck tires nails or stick a small stone ring, and sometimes the brakes will have abnormal sound may be the brake did not, it may be
parts of the density Caused by the normal abnormal sound.