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Frequently Asked Questions about tank truck

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-15

FAW tank truck manufacturer 

Faw tankertruck supplier

A driving tanker drivers what procedures should apply?

Driving tanker drivers need to handle dangerous goods qualification certificate, the first officer to handle escorts permit, can go to the local transportation management consulting.

China fuel tank truck parameters

Second, the user needs to prepare tanker what procedures?

Tanker owners need to be prepared on the family ID card, organization code certificate affiliated companies, sales invoices tanker, vehicle certification, policy and technical specifications of the original table.

Third, the tanker driver what issues need attention?

⑴ Workers should wear can guide in addition to static clothing and shoes. 

⑵ use non-sparking tools. 

⑶ storm thunderstorm days prohibited operations. 

⑷ observe to prevent oil spills. 

⑸ prohibited from paying oil field repair. 

⑹ spill or leak discovered when all oil loading operations related to oil loading point and the neighboring oil loading location should stop immediately. When all oil loading unloading or the lower open valve should be off. Further Never smoke while driving tanker, drink, eat, play cell phone.

Fourth, the tanker into the city can do?

For tankers can into the city can no uniform requirement, the domestic first-tier cities are prohibited trucks and dangerous goods vehicles from entering the main city. Doing business need to access the relevant departments to handle the formalities.

Fifth, what procedures tanker carrying oil to do?

Whether it is oil, gasoline, or natural gas, are classified as dangerous goods, so the flow of fuel to the car door, not an individual, there is need to find a qualified entity Wei Yun households, contact dangerous chemical company affiliated units on households. Tanker on the purchase invoice issued to households (purchase tax), vehicle certificate (proof test bulletin), certificate chassis, tank inspection report (general operating permit to get traffic when used). Then the driver to go to the Vehicle Administration for "dangerous goods transport qualification certificate." Open tanker driver, apart from handling vehicle licenses, other than operating permits required for "dangerous goods qualification certificate."

Six cans of oil tanker loaded plastic pots Why not?

And constant friction between the oil tank, triboelectrification, when a large number of charge accumulation, discharge phenomenon may occur, resulting in a spark. The volatile fuel, a large amount of fuel vapor formation. If these steam encounter sparks that may burn fiercely, causing an explosion. We can not stop the generation of fuel vapor, nor prevent friction electrification, but can prevent the accumulation of charge. If you are using the iron, the charge generated, it was this iron conductor lead is gone, no spark, the fuel will not detonate. If you use plastic, the charge can not be cited to go, a lot of accumulation, it is likely to produce sparks, and ultimately detonated fuel.

Seven, what the use of electronic seals tanker is better?

The tanker is preferable to use anti-theft, electronic seals can be monitored better.

Eight, can pull 15 tons of oil tanker one kilometer fuel consumption is how much?

Tanker ships 15 tons with a small triaxial tanker or after Shuangqiao tanker, fuel consumption between 25 and 35.

Nine, the largest single bridge tanker do what?

Single bridge tanker had a lot of options, such as the liberation of a single bridge tanker, tanker Dongfeng, Foton Auman single bridge tanker, the largest tanker can do more than 14 tons, nearly 15 tons.

Ten, light and heavy tanker tanker difference?

Light Tanker Shipping: gasoline, diesel, kerosene and other low-density oil tank without insulation, heating device.

China tank truck factory price

Heavy tanker shipment: oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, transformer oil, heavy diesel oil, high density, the tank has thermal insulation or heating devices.