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Four summer tank truck odor convenient method

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-05-24

Summer weather is hot, the cabin temperature is usually in the high magical sunlight tank truck, long-term exposure to open a door, a burst of tangy flavor bursts issued unbearable, how to go out in the tank truck smell it, introduce to you the following in addition to taste clean way.

Fuel tank truck manufacturer

tank truck in the perfume
This approach is more suitable perfume taste is not very serious time. If you liked the perfume, the best selection of neutral taste lighter a more appropriate class. You can sprinkle a little perfume bottle of perfume or placed in the car, not only can reduce the odor, but also very romantic feel. But we need to be reminded to note that most owners like lemon fragrance, perfume and such most acidic, comes out later gathered in the air conditioning evaporator where it is easy to moldy odors.

tank truck square a few packs of charcoal
Bamboo has a two-way effect the humidity can be maintained within the tank truck moisture balance, inhibit the growth of microorganisms inside the car, can provide you with a comfortable passenger compartment dry and healthy environment. Bamboo charcoal has strong adsorption, can absorb moisture, chloride, sulfide, formaldehyde and other harmful substances and odor, purify air and water, put a few packs in the car is a good deodorant products.
tank truck currently in stores or shopping sites can buy car deodorizing charcoal bag, as well as a variety of adorable doll image, both deodorant, moisture and purify air inside the vehicle, it can also bring you a good mood .

tank truck sunlight law
Usually pay attention to check the air filter is clean or filter needs to be replaced. There are many cleaning agents used to clean air-conditioning duct on the market today, you can buy yourself a bottle of water. One of the most economical way to remove the car include air conditioning musty. You can find a sunny day to drive to the sun, so that the air conditioning system in a block heater, and then open to the maximum amount of wind, the sun on the window in the door fully opened ten minutes.

tank truck Interior Cleaner
In fact, this cleaning method is a relatively simple way for lazy people. For example, Wang busy working day, driving around every day to send the oil to pull oil, plus each in the car smell is the smell of mildew affect the mood, it is more suitable to order a cleaner, the Internet also has inexpensive. If you find a method which is suitable to go choose. This paper consists of Chang Jie tank truck manufacturers summary.