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Four solutions of problems appeared easily in garbage truck engine

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-22

First, the difficulty in starting engine
1, Difficult cold start, big vibration after starting and at low or medium speed mainly result in the spark plug failure or ignition timing premature. We recommend you timely to get your vehicle a maintenance at the nearest service station.
2, Start difficultly in cold winter. Mainly: low temperature, fuel vaporization ratio decreased; mixer thinning and nonflammable cause difficulty in starting; lubricating oil viscosity increases, increase the engine running resistance caused difficulty in starting; slow chemical reaction of the battery electrolyte, resulting in starts at the output power is low, the starter ignition voltage power shortage and inadequate, difficult to start the engine.
Garbage truck in the cold season should be preceded to warm up the engine before starting to avoid difficulty starting in winter cold.
Second, the engine lubrication
1, Lubricating oil pressure indicator light on when accelerating. It indicates oil pressure is too low. Filter may be clogged, less lubricating oil, oil pump failure and other causes. Recommendations in a timely manner to the nearest service station maintenance. Or lubricating oil pressure indicator system fails, the wrong place bright lights.Recommendations in a timely manner to the nearest service station maintenance.
2, Excessive oil consumption. Lubricating oil in good condition, there is a case of normal consumption, but the poor condition when the car's exhaust color blue, which means excessive oil consumption, because oil consumption is mainly involved in combustion into the combustion chamber or oil leakage. It is suggested to timely go to the nearest service station for maintenance.
Third, engine runs unstablely
1,  the engine throttle valve or idle throttle valve failure. Throttle and idle valve engine valve body severe dirt, the engine idle speed will be too low, or no difference in the stability of idling, the throttle there is the phenomenon of issuing refueling. General recommendations for each vehicle traveling at about 20,000 kilometers, it is cleaned and throttle body. After washing should be set by the scan tool, so as to achieve the normal working attitude.
2, the engine shake serious and fault indicator flashes occasionally.
The reason is that dirty fuel oil supply system has led to contamination or blockage. The use of dirty fuel will lead to fuel supply, ignition, exhaust system contamination, leading to engine failure indicator lights and varying degrees of engine shake. The workaround is to thoroughly clean the contaminated system, continue to add stability index performance gasoline and add a quantity of oil cleaner.
Fourth, the engine exhaust color.
1, garbage truck exhaust color is blue. Because a lot of junk car lubricating oil into the cylinder, but could not be completed due to combustion; sometimes blue smoke engine cold start, but the heat waiting for the bus on the right. Recommendations in a timely manner to the 4S shop repair.
2, garbage truck exhaust color is black. Due to incomplete combustion of fuel due. Can cause decreased power, the economy deteriorated. We recommend timely to 4S shop maintenance.
3, the garbage truck exhaust color is white, severe cold car, hot car is not the white smoke. This is because gasoline contains water, and the engine is cold, then the fuel into the cylinder cause incomplete combustion to produce steam or mist formation of white smoke point. Winter or rainy season when the car first launched, often can be seen rows of white smoke. Once the engine temperature increases, white smoke will rise. This state does not have to overhaul.