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Four sanitation garbage truck maintenance considerations

  • Author:CJE
  • Release on :2017-04-08

Garbage truck power steering maintenance: when using find it turn a bit when, in time to replace its associated components, cleaning and maintenance of it, put it in the maintenance of steering noise, steering brake fluid are removed.

Garbage car lubrication parts of maintenance: in using a time zhihou, will with lubricants on all parts for lubrication maintenance, avoid it of parts long time of excessive wear, dang found engine noise too big, accelerated Shi no feel, is this situation is to reminded you also to on car for maintenance, put engine around of dust and sludge cleanup clean, reduced engine parts mutual of wear, the lubrication Shi to timely of lubrication, such only can keep it of using life

Garbage truck brake cleaning and maintenance: moving to a certain distance, clean, clean thoroughly paint sludge in the car, you can enhance the performance of garbage trucks, and can effectively prevent brake fluid deterioration occurs.

Cleaning and maintenance of the transmission of the garbage truck: used garbage truck for a long time, not to clean up, then you will find the gearbox prone to skidding, high water temperature, slow shifting features, this information will tell you what it needs for cleaning and care, replacing the old gearbox oil in a timely manner!

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