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flatbed truck clutch Four functions

  • Author:changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-12
Here are four action flatbed truck clutch:
1, before starting flatbed truck in a stationary state, if the engine is rigidly connected with the gearbox. Once in gear, flatbed trucks will connect due to a sudden power suddenly pediment, will not only cause mechanical damage, but the driving force is not enough overcome huge flatbed pediment inertia force generated by the engine speed and a sharp decline in flame. If the clutch at the start temporarily separated from the engine and gearbox, and clutch engagement gradually, due to the existence of the phenomenon of slipping clutch between the active part and the driven part, you can make outgoing clutch torque increases from zero, the driving force of the car gradually increased, so that the car started smoothly. 
Flatbed truck
2, flat-panel truck during driving, often for different transmission gear, to adapt to changing driving conditions. If there is no clutch to the engine and gearbox is temporarily separated, then the force transmission gearbox gear meshing due to load no dismount, which engages the tooth surface pressure between the large and difficult to separate. Another treat both gear due to the circumferential velocity ranging and difficult engagement. Even if forced into engagement will have a huge impact tooth end, easily damaged parts. The clutch so that the engine and transmission gear shift after the temporary separation, the original pair of meshing gears due to load
Dutch removable pressure between the engaging surface is greatly reduced, it is easy to separate. While the other gear to be engaged, since the rotation of the pinion gear and the engine after separate inertia is small, use the appropriate action will be able to shift the gear to be engaged with the circumferential speed equal or nearly equal, to avoid or reduce the impact between gears. 
Liberation flat truck
3, flatbed emergency braking, the wheels suddenly sharp deceleration, and drive train connected to the engine due to the rotation inertia, remains the original speed, which tends to produce much larger than the moment of inertia of the engine torque flatbed truck in the drive, make drivetrain parts easily damaged. When the clutch is to transmit torque by friction, so that when the inner driveline torque load exceeds the frictional force can transfer the main, the driven part of the clutch will automatically slip, thus preventing the transmission system has played a role overload .
Large flatbed truck
4, flatbed truck engine works determines its output torque is not stable. In the power stroke of the combustion chamber gas explosions have a great impact torque, while in the other strokes, but it is by the inertia of the engine anti-drag. While the engine itself has a rotation system inertia can reduce torsional vibration, but still remaining impact on the subsequent transmission, drive shaft adversely affected. The damping spring clutch (tangential distribution), can significantly reduce engine torsional vibration caused by the impact and prolong the life of the transmission gear.