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For the proper use of fire engines

  • Author:Chang Jie
  • Release on :2016-12-13

When driving a fire truck to the fire crisis place, the first vehicle parked in an easy rescue place, and then start by the instructor to start the rescue deployment, in order to drive faster fire is certainly a top priority, but the speed must be very safe , If there is a traffic police or someone for the fire truck to clear the way, then we must make good use of them, if it is more than cars out together, the distance between the car and the car must be controlled, including the parking time can not Several cars parked together. If a few cars parked together, the disaster relief may occur when the car does not go out of the problem, but to rescue the rescue has brought great trouble, the driver of the fire truck must be all action to listen to the command, if someone command to obey the command, When the situation must be critical to make their own decisions, we must be very calm and stable, and strive to complete the task well, if the fire is indeed very serious, then drive to an open area, waiting for a backup to help rescue.

On the one hand, in order to better fulfill the task of fighting, on the one hand, in order to maintain good fire engines, when arrived at the scene of the fire, to stop the car quite well, before the official start driving a fire engine, the driver to accept some professional driving Training, parking location to facilitate after the fast start, because the fire may be extended at any time, with the evacuation of the car, but this is not normal we stop, we must keep the fire engine at any time to open the state, while the car Of the fire equipment is also very particular about the use of open water, the water pressure in the water also have to increase, if the water pressure and water is not the same, then there may be the final burst water, so the increase in water At the same time, we must also look at the water pressure is in line with the requirements, a fire hydrant can use the fire hydrant, if there is no reservoir or lake can also be a fire fighting water, the best out of the task of the fire engine models are the same, what Parts can also be used for a look.