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Five Tips to teach you how to deal with bad fuel tank truck engine cooling

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-08-17

145 Fuel tank truck for sale——Tank truck manufacturer

fuel tank truck engine and air conditioning system cooling efficiency, resulting in high water temperature will appear the following symptoms:

Poor fuel tank truck traffic - traffic jam or a long time idling, the engine water temperature display is too high, fan speed electronic gear long working hours, the engine noise increases, the temperature is too high air conditioning failure is most obvious.
fuel tank truck manufacturers Reminder: air conditioning refrigerant filling too little or too much, will reduce the cooling effect.
5 warning signal judging fuel tank truck patients
When you drove to the repair shop, the maintenance man described the decline in performance or problems fuel tank truck should pay attention to the noise and related symptoms. It can be said, the more you understand the car, the better you can describe the car failure, maintenance man to help make the correct diagnosis, the right prescription.
1. New or unusual noises are often fuel tank truck fault indication signal such as a low humming sound may be bearing failure, it may just be a problem with one of the tire;. Screaming voice may indicate the need for replacement brake sheet, or loose the belt in the description of the problem, it is best able to clearly explain the reasons causing the noise or action.
2. In addition to the performance loss or noise indication signal on the dashboard is another place can not be ignored. Carefully read the fuel tank truck's user manual for meaning of various signals that can help you discover new fault .
3. If you feel the steering wheel while driving tight fuel tank truck to one side, or within a certain speed range of abnormal vibration, you need to check the tire or wheel balance and alignment. When these problems just discovered in a timely manner maintenance can prevent the failure to continue to expand, but also to avoid greater losses.
4. The need for special attention is the brake system, brake system and road safety because there is a very close relationship, such failure is tantamount to neglect to take the lives of others and make personal adventure.
5. Note the fuel tank truck starts smoothly. If the car became difficult to start, the best time to open the maintenance of plant maintenance