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Fire trucks engines overheating causes and generators

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-20

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Generator for any car is concerned are very important, just a little failure will affect traffic, in terms of fire for this failure is fatal, we all know that fire engines are on standby want is efficiency, but a delay the best opportunity to rescue the trouble, so its maintenance to be careful, in front of us as we have introduced fire truck generator abnormal operation inspection site, where we get to another fault - motor overheating diagnosis and exclusion .

This phenomenon is fire engine generator failure during operation temperature, severe burn out the field winding or stator winding. Causes are the following:

1. Before generators, back-end bearings poor lubrication.

2. The friction between claw-pole generator armature and stator core.

3. The fire truck engine with the alternator does not match the maximum speed is too low.

Analyzing and troubleshooting

1. If a non-original generators, should be compared with the original is now installed and the maximum speed V pulley diameter. If the current maximum speed generator mounted below the original maximum speed of the generator and the difference greater or less than the original V V pulley diameter pulley diameter, the standard should be replaced.

2. If you are the original fire engine generator, the generator should be disassembled. Before checking the rear end bearing is broken, lubrication is good, with or without friction cut squatting between the rotor and the stator core claw poles.

Ensure the good functioning of the generator, the better for the fire attendance help.