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Fire truck routine maintenance precautions

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-06-15

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First, the seasonal maintenance. Tropical areas is generally divided into two seasons (not frozen Maintenance): one is the rainy season; two kinds of dry season.

(1) To maintain a good rainy season brakes, especially exclude unilateral brakes. Brake hard than usual consumption, brake Sterling.

(2) To dry brake function Shiquan water system, pay attention to add water dripping when run away; fan belt matters.

Second, the early exit maintenance.

(1) ensure that the various indicator light and functional.

(2) on the podium sirens and working, turn bright lights and flashing.

(3) various instruments work properly

(4) pump to maintain adequate butter.

(5) Check the axis of rotation of the whole system is loose.

(6) oil, water, electricity, gas sufficient.

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    Third, routine maintenance.

(1) The fire must combat the pressure on safe driving. Playing enough air after a few hours or the next day to see if the pressure gauge on the safe exercise. As not prove that pipe or master cylinder leaks. Mining of the high concentration of detergent soap and water in the pipe joints painted with a brush, leak proof bubbles appear, tighten or replace promptly excluded. Whether listening to the sound leaks near the master cylinder sound or coated with soap and water discharge residual gas vent whether there is bubble generation. If any leakage, check the master cylinder springs and seals. It is necessary to replace the excluded. Foot on the brake master cylinder and listen to each cylinder for leaks sound.


(2) to maintain the pressure before and after four equality. Most of the weight of the engine in the rear end, a rear wheel generally between 7Pa-8Pa, usually in front 5Pa-6Pa between. Easy way is to use a hammer or iron bar hitting the tire flexible and felt normal, contrary elasticity is not strong, felt unable to insufficient air pressure

(3) ensure that the oil, water, electricity, gas sufficient. Oil is divided into two categories: fire oil; the second is oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil.

Fourth, parking and maintenance.

(1) In the case of fire did not move, and often launch charge. Gasoline is appropriate vehicle to pull the throttle to see positive charge to the table as well. Principle is that each playing electric motor with a battery and a large capacity, fire belt speeds are generally not charged, repeatedly playing without electric motor power bottle replenished battery power repeatedly drawn not added, long and with inadequate electricity the motor can not afford, can not afford to send urgent need to move the car. After each launch is charging more than is appropriate.

(2) stop the vehicle is not moving in place to see if the ground under the ground and the oil droplets. If you want to really check the screws loose on the site, check the seals to exclude when necessary.Five regular maintenance.

(1) fire four regular maintenance, beat butter, replace oil and gear oil.

(2) whether the battery charge, with particular attention to the battery replacement period.