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Fire truck method of operation to test the water

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-25

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Fire at the factory to be a comprehensive check on equipment configuration, chassis performance, work processes, etc., in fact, the most important thing is to "test the water" check to see if the water range, flow. Because only test the water a good performance in order to ensure effective fire fighting. Whether tank, foam or dry powder to be checked are the same (even dry test pressure, we explain later). Here we describe in detail the procedure to test the water.

First to test the water before the water can be canceled with reference to fire and how to use skills, you can add the right amount, testing fire pumps, water and drainage in time to see the performance, there is not much to say.

In testing the fire guns, watch your purchased model label range artillery fire is the number using the correct way to ensure the water emitted maximum distance and height, generally parallel to the ground parabola 30 degrees angle. Simple measuring up to standard before the operation method can see the figure:

These components are the most important fire fighting, security checks are good to use, only worthwhile reflect elite prices.

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