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Fire truck fuel consumption increased 8 Ways

  • Author:Changjie
  • Release on :2016-07-28

Fire truck for sale in global
Fire truck for sale in global

1, found significantly reduced with fire truck now gliding distance. Then fire fighters should check the tire pressure is in compliance with the standard atmospheric pressure. If underinflated tires, fuel consumption will increase.
Tip: Timely sufficient gas for the tires

2, check the tire wear. If tire wear serious, it would often slip phenomenon, increasing fuel consumption.

Tip: if necessary, replaced with new tires

Fire truck fuel consumption increased 8 Ways

3, when the driving wheel or start the fire truck found abnormal noise. Should promptly check the bearing and the brake system is faulty. If the rotation of the wheels is not normal, it will affect the speed, fuel consumption increased.

Tip: bearings and brake system overhaul

4, the number of revolutions of the engine clutch slip will be lost. When you find that hard acceleration engine tachometer increased rapidly, but the speed increase is very slow, this time can be determined is the clutch slipping.

Tip: You need to replace the clutch, clutch pressure plate and drive wheel

5, when the fire-fighting vehicle has traveled two hundred thousand kilometers, it is usually appear cylinder pressure shortage. In this case the fuel consumption will be significantly increased.

Tip: If such a failure does occur, then the engine will need to overhaul

6, when the exhaust pipe black smoke appeared, the phenomenon of increased fuel consumption, it is necessary to check the carburetor.

Tip: If you can dirty carburetor intake mouth spray cleaner directly to the carburetor with a spray, if this Shihai black smoke, would only be able to clean the carburetor apart

7, if the time is too long for the spark plug, the fuel consumption will increase phenomenon. Because the damage to the spark plug ignition energy will decline, vehicle speed slows down, resulting in a significant increase of gasoline consumption.

Tip: You should change the spark plugs

8, when the fire truck engine and the thermostat temperature control switch is damaged, there will be an increase in fuel consumption phenomenon. Because temperature control switch and thermostat damage will reduce the water temperature, the carburetor does not work properly, resulting in poor fuel atomization, significantly increase fuel consumption.